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At Shores Insurance we make it our mission to help individuals, families, retirees, and businesses find the best coverage for their needs at the lowest possible cost.  Whether you’re in need of Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Medicare, Dental & Vision Insurance, Annuities/ Tax-Free Retirement Planning, Disability Insurance, or Long Term Care we are here to help you not only obtain the ideal policy but also teach you how to maximize your benefits. Our founder and lead agent, Tom Shores, has dedicated his time participating in many National Life and Health Organizations to not only keep up with the industry changes and national health care plan but also to be an advocate for the residents of Idaho. Tom’s involvement helps to make sure your voices and concerns are heard when major decisions/changes are presented.  Tom has partnered with fellow agents Jenna Paige and Ava Shores to provide our clients with exceptional service and education. You won’t find any another agents more qualified or dedicated to managing and assisting you with your insurance needs.

Did you know, there is no additional cost to having an agent help set up and manage your insurance policy? Why not have a professional on your side? Contact us today, we will be happy to review your current policy (ies) to make sure it is meeting your needs or help you find the appropriate coverage within your budget.

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