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Enrollment for the Exchange – System overwhelmed, enrollment difficult

Today’s 6 on Your Side interviewed Jenna Ortiz and Ava Shores from Shores Insurance yesterday, October 2, 2013. (video posted below) We are urging all consumers to please be patient with the enrollment process. Everyone is trying to enroll at once which has overwhelmed the system to the point it simply cannot support everyone attempting to enroll at once. At this time we have not yet been able to access the application process due to such high traffic. The state of Idaho borrowed the federal government’s software for online enrollment while the state is working to create their own. The federal system is not just being used by Idahoans but by the nation as a whole. Please do not panic, we have time! You will not be at any disadvantage for not signing up the moment open enrollment began. The open enrollment period is from October 1st – December 14th for policies beginning January 1st. We are eager to begin working with our clients and believe it will be a better experience overall to wait until the glitches and system overload have subsided.

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