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How can I get my annual exams covered?

Most of the plans sold today offer that ability to get a variety of tests done at no costs to you.

Most of the tests are based on the recommendations of the National Cancer Society, and the Heart Association. The tests that are no costs to you are (depending on your age):

  1. An annual pap smear test and pelvic exam.
  2. PSA test and prostate exam. Even though the PSA test is not the best test for prostate cancer, it is the best we have today. (usually a man needs to be in his 40’s to start the exams)
  3. A breast exam and mammogram (mammogram-base line in your 40’s and usually every two years in your 50’s and annually in your 60’s and beyond).
  4.  Lipid profile: to check your cholesterol levels to see if you need to make some changes in diet and exercise or medication needs to be added.
  5. Blood pressure check up: to monitor your blood pressure. This test tells your physician about how much work your heart has to do to get the blood to all parts of your body. If the numbers are higher than your doctor thinks they should be, he/she will recommend diet, exercise and/or medication. Controlling your blood pressure is the best way to prevent a stroke, reduce kidney damage and damage to other organs.
  6. Colonoscopy: usually the first test is done in your 50’s and repeated at age 60. Then usually every 5 years after 65. Of all the tests available this is the most productive at stopping colon cancer.

All these tests can be ordered by your physician should there be a family history that creates some concern for your physician. If you are under the age suggested, a pre-authorization from the insurance company is a good idea.

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