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Protection for your whole family

Each individual/family strives to purchase insurance that will meet their needs for the lowest possible cost. At Shores Insurance we work hard to make sure that happens in the following ways:

Brokers for all Idaho companies & Idaho Health Exchange (Your Health Idaho):

– Individuals/Family Plans:

We work with Blue Cross of Idaho, Mountain Health Co-Op, Pacific Source, Regence Blue Shield, and Select Health for individual/family plans.

– Group Plans:

We work with Aetna, Blue Cross of Idaho, Mountain Health Co-Op, National General, Pacific Source, Regence Blue Shield and Select Health for group plans. We will also be able to assist any of those who are interested in the policies that will be offered under S.H.O.P. (small business plans through the Idaho Exchange).

– Educate Clients:

We spend the time to educate our clients on how to use their health insurance to get the benefits they want, in ways to keep their costs low. We will educate you on what questions to ask your health care provider(s) to make sure you get the coverage you need without paying for additional tests that aren’t medically necessary.

            – Individualized service as needed:

We work with our clients when a mistake occurs. We have found that sometimes claims are coded incorrectly which can alter the way benefits are applied and claims are paid. We will work with both the carrier and health care provider to correct the coded error and resubmit the claim for appropriate processing.

Annual Policy Review:

Insurance companies make annual adjustments to current plans offered and from time to time will come out with new plans. We make sure to follow up on any and all updates in order to notify our clients if the changes/new plans would be an advantage for you. We will work with you to make any necessary adjustments to suit your needs.



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